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New Books, January 2024

Annotated Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, 2023
Annotated Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2023, Lavender
Annotated Ontario Highway Traffic Act, 2023, Segal
Annotated Ontario Landlord and Tenant Statutes, 2023, Butkus
Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice, 2023, Segal
Assessment of Personal Injury Damages, 6th, 2019, Bruce
Auto Insurance Coverage Law in Ontario, 2nd edition, 2021, Strigberger & Mercer
Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, 5th, 2013, Beaudoin & Mendes
Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation, 10th, 2023, McGill University
Cannabis law: The Legislative Framework, MacFarlane
Condominium Act: A User's Manual, 5th, 2018, Loeb
Construction Law in Canada, 2010, Ricchetti & Murphy
Contemporary Canadian Insurance Law, 2015, Thomas & Trevethan
Corporate Governance and the New Technology, 2023, Salazar
Dangerous Offender Law, 2nd, 2021, LaRochelle
Default and Summary Judgments in Canada, 2012, Tweedie
Dictionary of Canadian Law, 5th edition, 2020, McCormack
Discovery in Canadian Common Law: Practice, Techniques & Strategy, 3rd, 2017, Archibald
Distress : A Commercial Landlord's Remedy, 2nd, 2021, Haber
E-Discovery and Information Governance in Canada, 4th, 2022, Wortzman, ed.
Environmental Class Actions in Canada, 2nd, 2021, Durocher
Family Law Arbitration in Canada, 4th, 2020
Guide to Consent and Capacity Law in Ontario, 2024 Edition, Hiltz & Szigeti
Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice Act, 2023, Tustin
Honsberger's Bankruptcy in Canada, 5th, 2019, Honsberger
Law of Adjournments: A Manual on Postponement, 2016, Wilson, Jeffrey
Law of Affidavits, 2023, Shields
Law of Dependants' Relief in Canada, 2nd, 2006, Harvey
Law of Evidence in Canada, 6th, 2022, Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant
Law of Independent Legal Advice, 3rd, 2021, Tjaden 
Law of Regulatory Investigations, 2023, Casey et al. 
Liability of the Crown, 4th, 2011, Hogg, Monahan & Wright
Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence:  From Legal Custom to Lawful Concern, 2023, Sukdeo
McLeod's Ontario Family Law Rules Annotated, 2023, Vogelsang
Misrepresentation and (Dis)Honest Performance in Contracts, 2nd, 2021, MacDougall
Ontario Business Corporations Act, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
Ontario Employment Law Handbook: An Employer's Guide, 13th, 2020, Saxe
Ontario Estate Administration, 9th, 2023, Rintoul
Oosterhoff on Wills, 9th, 2021, Parachin
Practitioner's Guide to Estate Practice in Ontario +CD, 8th, 2023, Rintoul
Preparation of Wills and Powers of Attorney: First Interview to Final Report + CD, 5th, 2022, MacGregor & Main
Principles of Property Law, 8th, 2023, Ziff
Prosecutorial Misconduct, 2nd, 2017, Frater
Residential Tenancies, 11th, 2018, Feldman
Termination and Rescission of Agreements for the Purchase and Sale of Land, 2023, Pratt 
The law of subdivision control in Ontario : a practical guide to section 50 of the Planning Act, 4th, 2022, Troister
The Law of the Canadian Constitution, 2nd, 2017, Regimbald (coming soon!)
The Legal Singularity:  How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Law Radically Better, 2023, Aidid & Alarie
The Practitioner's Income Tax Act, 2023, Sherman
Tort Law, 7th, 2023, Klar
Understanding Lawyers' Ethics in Canada, 3rd, 2023, Woolley
Virtual Advocacy:  Litigating From a Distance, 2023, Petrou & Stern
Watt's Manual of Criminal Jury Instructions, 3rd, 2023, Watt
Witnesses and the Law, 2012, Fraser, et al.

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